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 We have medicine for Heart blocks (Coronary Artery Disease) where the patient can avoid by- pass surgery and angioplasty. By- pass surgery and Angioplasty is never a solution. The blocks are still there and a repeat by-pass may be recommended a few years later.
Cholesterol -QR removes the blocks in the arteries and blood flow increases. A 10% opening of the arteries result in increase in blood flow up to 40%.

Cholesterol -QR has been licensed by the Drug Controller of Kerala " to reduce cholesterol in the blood and arteries" - in fact Cholesterol -QR removes the plaques itself.
(Plaques are 70% calcium, 23% cholesterol and 7 % other waste products).
Whether the patient has one block or several blocks, it is immaterial. Cholesterol -QR removes all the blocks whether it is in the heart or in the spine and makes the heart function normally and smoothly- within just 100 days. In the process trigiycerides and blood cholesterol too will be reduced.
Cholesterol -QR is also extremely useful to those who have already done bye pass surgery. They will be able to lead a normal healthy life free from chest pain and other physical restrictions. After using our medicine, heart patients will feel the difference in their health within 30-50 days. After finalizing the 100 days course they may go for tests like ECG, TMT or Angiogram.
Cholesterol -QR is an Ayurvedic preparation and has absolutely no side effects. This can be taken initially with your allopathic medicine. But when the patient feels better (say within 30-50 days) they can give up all allopathic drugs. Continue BP and Diabetic medicines if any. Avoid fatty, oily foods and follow diet restrictions. Initially for 30-50 days.
Treatment: Cholesterol-QR - 16 bottles for 100 days (4 tablets 4 times daily)CFS- QR - 8 bottles for 100 days (4 tablets 4 times daily)

Take CFS-QR tablets and the hole will be closed for small children. For adults it will take 100 to 150 days, but they will feel symptomatically much better and can avoid heart valve surgery .

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