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About Us

Fairpharma Ayurvedic Products was formed in 1993 by the visionary T.A. Majeed as a light of Ayurvedic excellence. Mr. Majeed set out to combine tradition and innovation after being inspired by a strong family legacy of Ayurvedic medicine in Kannur, Kerala. His early interest in Ayurveda and its potential for miracle treatment prompted him to create Fairpharma. Our organization, which is based in Kerala, continues a family history of comprehensive medical treatment. We pride ourselves on providing genuine remedies. Our carefully chosen and prepared herbal formulas are evidence of the merging of traditional knowledge with contemporary technology.

“ Following in the footsteps of the Ayurveda Acharyas, he became well versed in this ancient system of Ayurvedic medicine.“

The company is motivated by a commitment to satisfy and improve the lives of millions through the manufacture and distribution of a slew of medicines meant to treat effectively many diseases formerly considered incurable. Our products are the result of years of research of our visionary founder Mr. T.A. Majeed, supported by R & D division and group of doctors.