Nicotine, recognized as one of the most frequently used addictive things, is a naturally occurring colourless liquid that turns brown when burnt and acquires the odour of tobacco when exposed to air. Cigarette smoking is the most prevalent form of nicotine addiction all over the world. Nicotine is absorbed through the skin and mucosal lining of the mouth and nose or by inhalation in the lungs. Depending on how tobacco is taken, nicotine can reach peak levels in the blood stream and brain rapidly.  It results in numbness especially in the legs, which causes difficulty in walking.  CFS-QR restores sensation to the nervous system and the patient is able to walk without pain in a month or two.

The patient need not think of amputation of the limbs any more once he starts CFS-QR Tablet treatment.


CFS-QR Tablets 8 Bottles


2-2-2-2 (2 caps 4 times daily) for 100 days.