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CFS-QR Tablets

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Product Code: FP10 

Anti-Viral, Immuno-Regulative, Anti-Allergic, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Nerve Tonic, Analgesic and Detoxifying

Tablets: 2-2-2-2 (2 tablets 4 times daily)

1 Bottle: 100 Tablets

Treatment: 2-2-2-2 (2 tablets 4 times daily) for 100 days.

C.F.S.- QR Tablets

Test reports and Ultrasound scan results before and after our 100 days medication can show improved results.

CFS – QR from Fair Pharma is useful for kidney diseases, correcting thyroid functions like hyper/hypothyroidismHepato-Splenomegaly, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

CFS-QR is very effective in different types of cancers. All chronic cancer patients will not be able to consume food. A patient who takes this medicine consumes food within a day, which is proof enough of the medicine’s effectiveness. CFS-QR improves the immune system thereafter. We recommend this medicine for cancer for 200 days (15ml. 4 times daily – 16 bottles). 


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