Liver cirrhosis, Jaundice, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Hepatomegaly can be treated effectively with our medicine. Our treatment restores liver functions to a normal state within 100 days. All symptoms like lack of appetite, tiredness, etc reverse within a few days.

Liver Cirrhosis is chronic liver damage leading to scarring and liver failure. Hepatitis and chronic alcohol abuse are the main causes. Initially, a patient may experience fatigue, weakness, weight loss etc. During later stages, the patient may develop splenomegaly, jaundice, ascites, liver cancer etc...

We have medicine for liver cirrhosis,

  1. Our CFS-QR syrup is effective to destroy the hepatitis virus and restores liver functions to normal. Fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite will reverse within a few days. You have to take this syrup for 200 days (15 ml 4 times a day). 
  2. Cholesterol-QR tablet is efficient to dissolves calcifications. Once calcification is removed, the blood flow through that region will increase. (In liver cirrhosis scarring restricts blood flow to the liver and impairs its normal functions). This medicine has to be taken for 100 days (4 tablets 3 times daily).
  3. There are more chances of bacterial infection for those who are having viral infection. 90% of liver cirrhosis patients have lung infection also. Our Eyasm-QR capsule is for clearing lung infection. You have to take this medicine for 100 days.

Dosage – 16 bottles of CFS-QR Syrup: 15 ml syrup 4 times daily (200 days)

12 bottles Cholesterol QR tablet: 4 tablets 3 times daily (100days)

8 bottles Eyasm QR capsules: 2 capsules  4 times daily (100 days)

Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in Kerala

Best Liver Cirrhosis Treatment in Kerala with affordable treatment cost. Get 100% guaranteed Ayurvedic Treatment for Liver Cirrhosis. At Fair Pharma, we are providing highly effective treatment for Liver Cirrhosis with ayurvedic strategies. Our Liver Cirrhosis treatment involves Shodana chikitsa, Shamana chikitsa and Kayakalpa (rejuvenation). Our treatment is beneficial in improving the liver heath and preventing further liver damage.


I, CLARENCE BERNARD, from KGF, Bangalore would like to share my bitter life time to the better. It was 13 th October 2020, I was not feeling well with swallowed abdominal pain with fever, were I was not able to eat and felt unrest. I met the local Doc and took the medication but my struggle didn’t stop. On that night, my stool were dark blackish color and I vomited blood twice. My wife Tina approached the Doc online and they said to get admitted in the hospital immediately. Early morning I was taken to BGS hospital and I was admitted there, by the investigation, after the Endoscopic scan, they said I have LIVER CIRRHOSIS, due to intake of alcohol by stress and depression. They said it’s too hard to recover and admitted in ICU for three days (IT WAS HELL). I underwent hallucination and behaved like a mental patient. To my sense, I hope I lost more than 4 liters of blood through stools, they took 2 to 3 liters of fluid from my belly by directly withdrawing from stomach. Many of my surroundings thought, that was my last days even I thought. 

But still God did not forsake me. My wife stood next to me and spent 3 lakhs for three days. The Docs planned to transplant my liver because 80% was damaged. By the grace of God and prayers of my beloveds, it was not done, which might have cost more than 30 lakhs. It’s not affordable for us to pay the treatment expenses. So I was shifted to Shreya’s Hospital and I stayed there for another three days for further treatment with prescriptions given by previous Hospital. (The prescribed medicines are as follows- Rifagut 300mg, Heptral 400mg, Lasilacitone, Ciplar 40mg, Udiliv, Nexpro RD).

Principal Diagnosis:

  • Upper GI bleed
  • Severe alcoholic hepatitis
  • Chronic liver disease with portal hypertension with Ascities (High SAAG low protein)
  • Hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Hemetemesis/black colored stools, abdominal discomfort, Jaundice and weight loss.

During this time my cousin brother Mr. MILTON CORREA, (my wife brother) took pity on my situation and helped me to take the medicine from FAIR PPHARMA.
The following medicines were prescribed:

  • CFS-QR syrup: 15ml four times/day (to chronic fatigue & loss of appetite)
  • EYASM-QR capsule: four tabs/day (healthy lungs- since I had breathing problem)
  • Cholesterol-QR capsule: four tabs/day (to control cholesterol)

Shamshad madam continuously asked about my improving health status through my brother Mr. Milton. I started taking these medicines along with Allopathy medicines. Previous my bilirubin level was 20.5mg/dl, (0 to 1.3mg/dl is normal). After continuously taking these medicines along with proper diet where in four months my bilirubin level become 3mg/dl and every month my bilirubin level was reduced. Presently I’m quite good. From the bottom of my heart I thank the Almighty God, Mr. Milton, Shamshad madam and trust worthy FAIR PHARMA. I’m glad with my beloveds that I’m healthy now. GOD BLESS ALL OF US & STAY HEALTHY WITH FAIR PHARMA.

Mr. Clarence Bernard.