Cancer can occur in any part of the body at any age. It is a blood borne disease caused by viruses. Commonly found are leukemia (in blood and bone marrow), Hepatitis B & C (in the liver), Human Papilloma Virus (in Breast & uterus), Kaposi’s sarcoma (in the skin), in lungs, Thyroid etc.

The Scientific basis of our cancer treatment

Cancer is a viral disease. Human Papilloma Virus causes breast cancer and cervix cancer; HBV and HCV cause liver cancer – according to world health organization. Scientist Rosenberg proved that lymphocyte is capable of killing the virus.

Science has never proved that chemotherapy is ever capable of destroying any virus. 

A medicine for cancer should be able to increase lymphocyte and WBC(or normalize them) and that is what our ayurvedic medicine does. Modern Science has no alternative so far. Our treatment is for 200 days.

Details about the medicines:

1.CFS-QR syrup destroys the virus. (All chronic cancer patients will not be able to consume food. That is because of the virus in the brain- a neurological problem. This, as a proof of destroying the virus, you can see the patient consuming food within a day. This is the proof that virus is killed within 24 hours).CFS-QR syrup improves the immune system thereafter. We recommend only this particular medicine for 200 days( 15 ml 4 times daily -16 bottles). One bottle costs Rs.1300/- (750 ml).

2. Cholesterol-QR removes the plaques from every nerve in the body – not from the heart alone. This helps in dissolving the calcified plaques too – in some tumors calcification is seen. This medicine is to be taken only for 100 days(4 tabs 3 times daily -12 bottles). For heart patients, there will be an additional benefit of dissolving the plaques in the heart. In such a case the patients have to take 16 bottles(4-4-4-4). One bottle costs Rs.650(100 tabs).

3. Eyasm-QR is for clearing the lung infection. Because 90% of cancer patients are found to suffer from TB/Pneumonia too. Eyasm-QR is for TB/Pneumonia. You have to take 8 bottles for 100 days(2-2-2-2). One bottle costs Rs.450/-(100 caps).

Initially, you can buy for 50 days(Rs.10500/- including courier charges), See the improvement and then continue. 

 - T.A.Majeed 

P.S: Continue BP and Sugar medicines if the patient is suffering from BP or sugar. Avoid all other toxic medicines.

Our Antiviral medicines treat the patients without any side effects. Improvement can be noticed in 4 – 8 weeks.

Dosage – 16 bottles of CFS-QR syrup - 15 ml 4 times daily for 200 days.

8 bottles of Eyasm-QR caps - 2 caps 4 times daily for 100 days.

12 bottles of Cholesterol-QR - 4 tabs 3 times daily for 100 days.