Another prominent herbal medicine from the house of Fair pharma that has brought succor and solace to thousands of cardiac patients the world over is Cholesterol-QR. This ayurvedic medicine has proven to be very effective in treating cardiac patients whose only option till now had been a bypass surgery/angioplasty performed in super specialty hospitals at a high cost. A bypass surgery is generally recommended when plaques build up in the arteries forming blocks leading to obstruction of blood flow. Plaques to be precise are 70%calcium, 23% cholesterol and 7% other waste products. In a bypass, surgery blood is made to flow through another passage usually using a vein from the patient’s leg/arm. However, a bypass surgery is never a permanent solution and can lead to a painful and restricted life for the patient for the rest of his life.

This is where Cholesterol-QR provides the solution. Cholesterol QR melts the plaques/blocks in the arteries leading to an increased blood flow resulting in the normal functioning of the heart within just hundred days. It is to be noted that even a 10% opening will result in an increased blood flow up to 40 %. Cholesterol QR is also enriched with ‘medhohara’ quality medical herbs. Use of Cholesterol-QR medicine will ensure a reduction of triglycerides, blood cholesterol, and blood pressure. It is also ideally recommended for those suffering from chest pain, shortness of breath and gasping. Whether the patient has one block or several blocks it is immaterial as cholesterol QR removes all the blocks whether it is in the heart or in the spine.

Treatment - Cholesterol-QR 16 bottles for 100 days

Tablets: Per bottle / 100 tablets

Dosage - 4 tablets 4 times daily And Arthritis QR Syrup 8 bottles for 100 days.

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Cholesterol-QR is also extremely useful to those who have already done bypass surgery. They will be able to lead a normal healthy life free from chest pain and other physical restrictions. And a piece of advice to those who have had a heart attack and are waiting for bypass surgery is to try this medication for a period of 50 days prior to taking a final decision regarding the necessity of a bypass surgery. If one opts to continue with our medication the veracity of our claim can be judged by having an ECG, TMT or Angiogram after another 100 days and see the transformation that has taken place.